Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where the h-e-double hockey sticks is it!?

Come on now! Really, where did it go? I was so looking forward to watching Stage 4 of the Tour of Ireland, because being the lad I am, I love Ireland; but I got home today and went to the DVR to bring it up and it wasn't there. Was it on today!? It had to be! Why didn't it record? Oh the drama! Ah well, I believe it was the TT today anyways and while I'd watch it, I like the RR's better. Sarah and I were talking while watching yesterdays stage and it has been confirmed. We are definately going back within the next two years.
A kinda cool thing happened this evening on my training ride. As many of you know Harley is celebrating its 105th Anniversary this week and there are motorcycles everywhere! Thousands and thousands of bikes all over the area. Well last night I was doing some intervals and a biker passed me and a short time later he turned around and came back. He passed me again but then slowed down and his passenger started to take pictures of the scenery (barns, cows, etc.). I cranked it up for one last interval, caught the Harley, drafted for a few seconds and then went around. The chick on the back of the Harley gave me a "that was cool" smile as I passed (or at least that's what I want to think!). They caught back up to me quickly and we road nearly side by side for a couple tenths of a mile before we parted ways at the next intersection.
My bike is still better. Ha.

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