Saturday, August 16, 2008


No overtime this week so I've been getting in some good riding. About 7 hours of training time in through Friday with a three hour spin slated for this morning after I finish my coffee and let things settle.
I received my approval from USAC for my Cat 4 upgrade and e-mailed my coach with the news. His response was "Cat 3 next year?" Which makes me start to evaluate my goals for 2009. Do I really want to shoot for the 3's? Yes and No. I think I would like to get some good race experience in the 4's this year, that being I haven't really been able to mix it up at the end nor put in a lot of attacks during the race. I want to be able to apply the tactics that I've been taught and I don't think the 3's is the place to try them the first time around. I'll have to see how next year goes and re-evaluate then should I have the upgrade points.
The racing season is really dwindling down. Only one WCA race in August and it is moderately hilly. Ugh. I suck in the hills. Good thing I'm not doing this race. I'll be doing the Cream City Century ride the day after. It'll be my first century. Should be interesting and I hear it is a good time. I will be racing the ABD Cycling Fall Fling in Illinois however. I'm excited for this two weekend series. I feel that I'm getting stronger with the coaching and I think I figured out my sprint now too. I'm ready to mix it up baby!

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