Friday, August 29, 2008


So Sarah and I just got back last night from a few days of visiting her folks in Minnesota. It was a nice time visiting and what not, but I tell ya the cycling sucks there. I thought the Flatlandia team was from Illinois, but I really think they are secretly from south central Minnesota. Everything looked the same, acre after acre of corn, soy beans and beats. Windy as all get out because there were no freakin' trees to be found because of all the farm fields. The roads were long, straight and boring. The "hills" consisted of false flats, nothing less, nothing more. Oi. Her parents have to drive over an hour just to go to the grocery store. That's ridiculous!!! *I know not all of Minnesota is this boring! The Cities were pretty cool when we strolled through and some of the towns in between. I'm thinking the am races at NVGP next year so Sarah's parents can check it out.*
Enough ranting about that already. I'm glad to be back home in time for the local festivities. Several special rides this weekend for the team and OBC that I will be partaking in as well the cookout Sarah and I are hosting on Sunday. Sad to say I really don't have much more vacation time left this year; it has been really nice doing whatever at a whim.
Oh, and another goal accomplished for this year. Successfully climbed Holy Hill. I set out last Sunday morning to ride down to the shop for a group ride, but no one else showed (except Tom and Collin, but Tom forgot his cleats - so both of them did not ride). I decided to continue on my merry way wondering where I was going to go. I started making my way towards the Holy Hill area and kept getting closer and closer. I said to myself several times, "ah, I'll just turn off and head home on the next road." But the allure of the climb continually peaked my interest and I did it. Not nearly as bad as what I thought it was going to be. I took the main entrance to the church, which most of the climbing was the switch backs before the church. I've heard there is a "back door" route to the church off of Caramel Road, but I'm not that familiar with the area to galavant all over on my own. I'm now going to try to incorporate this area into my training plans much more often after giving it a whirl. I love to suffer.

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