Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

This is getting a little old now.

Four days of not being able to eat solid sucks. My diet has consisted of chocolate milk, starbucks coffee things from Costco and Costco Chicken Soup (which by the way is pretty good). Oh and snackpacks. I just want some Buffalo Wild Wings and steak, a big juicy steak from Outback. Man that sounds good.
The left side of my mouth is pretty much good to go, minimal swelling, but my right side is all puffy and sore yet.
I'd also like to ride my bike - even though the weather isn't that nice - mid 40's and overcast - I'd still like to get out. I think I'll have a Starbucks thing instead and continue resting. Ugh.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Pain, Suffering and Agony

Okay so it's really not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. That is having all four wisdom teeth removed. Is it uncomfortable yes, but it had to happen. I also got some pain meds and haven't really felt the need to take them that much, and have been using regular Ibuprofen instead. I was prescribed Oxycodone and I can't say that it does much - for me at least. I just get tired and that's about it. I don't know how people can become so addicted to this drug that it overtakes their life. Unless I just don't have the strong stuff. But still Oxy is the stepping stone in the opiate family. It's becoming more and more prevalent with people on Oxy committing prescription frauds (I've investigated many), to robberies and then moving onto the ultimate life ruining drug, Heroin.
I remember one of my first traffic stops that I had made. It was a local woman in the township, living in a $300k home, attractive and had a good job as a nurse. A couple years later I again had contact with her for not having a driver's license due to oxy charges ; her life of addiction was prevalent on her exterior. Recently her name came up during conversation at roll call and I learned that she is still an addict, now heroin and cocaine, and now is being evicted out of her second house (well secondthat I know of at least).
What drives people to ruin their lives with these stupid drugs? Going from upper middle class to slumming in the City of Milwaukee selling themselves to get a fix. And even better the suburbanites doin't even think that drugs are rampant outside of Milwaukee. The difference is it doesn't make headlines here. People keep in behind closed doors and do not handle their drug business in public (well most of the time).
Reminds of a recent hair cut I had. I really don't like telling people what I do for a living because I get treated differently, but one woman recognized me as after several haircuts with her it came out. Well she informed the person that had been cutting my hair about my profession and he began making ridiculous comments about how he could not do my job because he would want to shoot people for not listening to them. What irrates me even more is that because I work in a suburb, "Oh, you work there? There's no crime there." WTF!?
Well I think that is enough ranting about work and drugs. Kind of lost topic for my training and racing journal, but I can't really train right now with the toofers.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Base, Base, Baby!

Yep just like ice ice baby. I'm glad I have good riding buddies to do some base with otherwise I'd be out killing myself still. Did just shy of four hours of slow base miles yesterday under the beautiful fall colors. Somehow I managed to tweak my knee and one of my tendons is all balled up. It feels like someone is kicking me in the back of the knee everytime I stand up. Sucks. Ah well.
I won't be on the bike much this week as I get my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday. All of them. Oi. I'm not sure when I'll feel like going back at it, but hopefully next weekend will be okay for at least an hour of spinning or so.
I'm also excited about next year's racing season. I just learned on Friday that Travis will be trying out some crits after a very successful season in the WISPORT road races. Travis is a super strong rider - I'm glad he's not eligible for the masters races yet! That makes Travis, Jeramey and I for the Elite 4/5s for the WCA series. Nice! Just need a few more young road guys to have a solid Elite 4/5 team.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Well I really sucked it up Sunday for the Fall Fling Crit Finale. Okay start after missing another clip in. Speedplay here I come - or I could just work on that...hmmmm. I just get too antsy at the start. Anyways, for whatever reason, I was dying for the entire race. My lungs were just killing me. I struggled to move up and kept sliding back further and further and finally within the last two laps the accordian effect took its toll and I was done. Finished at the very back of the field to round out my overall standing to 33rd for the four races. 23 Places off where I wanted to be going into this thing. Not the way I wanted to end my racing season. So much for a high note.
Now it is time to relax. I'm done racing until spring. It's sad to say that even though this weekend was less than spectacular because I love competition. It is really what makes me suffer through hard training sessions and I'll have to carry this craptastic performance into the winter for motivation.
This month is a real easy recovery / off season month in my training plan. I think Joe only has me riding a couple days a week to keep the aerobic fitness and the rest is relaxation. Nice. Now I can get some stuff done around the house maybe? Ha we'll see about that. Back to learning how to design a website for work..... and maybe I'll make one for myself for S's and G's.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall Fling Time Trial

Well yesterday was my first Time Trial. It wasn't pretty and it wasn't fun. A short course just under 10 miles, due to a change in course design, made for some excruciating pain. I thought for sure I was going to be DFL as when Sarah and I left to go to the hotel, I had the worst time of 25:57. I checked the results late last night and there are four people under me. I guess it's not all that bad of a result as I had no idea what to expect for my first TT. Also I did not have aerobars, aero helmet, shoe covers and all that other smancy fancy stuff.
Anyways, today is the crit finale on the "north" course, but the flyer does not say exactly where it is, so I'm a bit confused as to that. Ah well it is supposedly somewhere behind our hotel in the business park. I'll take a cruise down there after breakfast. Speaking of which - is this just an Illinois thing or do other areas charge for breakfast at hotels!? Every hotel that I've ever stayed at in Wisconsin gives you free breakfast. I've stayed at some really nice and medium quality in Wisconsin and all of them had free breakfast in the morn. Here in IL they charge you 100 bucks+ a night and expect you to pay 10 bucks a person for breakfast in the morning. Another reason I dislike Illinois. That is all for now.