Friday, August 22, 2008

"The Brocket"

A few funny things these past couple days:
Today I drafted some chickens on Highland Road. That was interesting... riding down the road and all of a sudden I'm getting clucked at and look to my right and there's two chickens running aside me. They flew in front of me and started running again. I just couldn't get aero enough to get a good draft off of them!
My teammate, Grant, gave me a new nickname: "The Brocket" after my attack on the Level Valley Creamery route. Well he actually gave it to me before the ride started, but said that I definitely earned it afterwards. I must continue the legacy of The Brocket!
Oh yea, (more awesome than funny) I saw Kate and some other HPC girls on Versus' Cyclism Sundays for the Nature Valley Grand Prix. I guess Versus just got to airring this last weekend, because it magically showed up on my DVR. It's awesome to see someone you know on TV and cycling! I'll save it for ya 'till you come next year Kate!


David LaPorte said...

We always wait to have the show air until after the Tour de France. We figure that timing isn't critical since everyone already knows who won (if they've been paying attention). In this case, we had the added bonus of airing the "Kristin Armstrong Grand Prix" a week after she won the gold in Beijing. :-)

Kate Flore said...

I missed it on VS! Must have been out on my bike :) Yes, can't wait to watch it with you next year. Drafting Chickens, now that's funny. Would have LOVED to have seen that!