Sunday, October 19, 2008

Base, Base, Baby!

Yep just like ice ice baby. I'm glad I have good riding buddies to do some base with otherwise I'd be out killing myself still. Did just shy of four hours of slow base miles yesterday under the beautiful fall colors. Somehow I managed to tweak my knee and one of my tendons is all balled up. It feels like someone is kicking me in the back of the knee everytime I stand up. Sucks. Ah well.
I won't be on the bike much this week as I get my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday. All of them. Oi. I'm not sure when I'll feel like going back at it, but hopefully next weekend will be okay for at least an hour of spinning or so.
I'm also excited about next year's racing season. I just learned on Friday that Travis will be trying out some crits after a very successful season in the WISPORT road races. Travis is a super strong rider - I'm glad he's not eligible for the masters races yet! That makes Travis, Jeramey and I for the Elite 4/5s for the WCA series. Nice! Just need a few more young road guys to have a solid Elite 4/5 team.

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