Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Fling Road Race

Just a quick race report for race #1 of the Fall Fling Series. Today was the road race. 40 some odd miles of flat to rolling, tight, narrow roads with the center line rule loosely enforced. This caused some mayhem on the last lap with a couple miles to go. About 15 riders decided they needed a better position for the sprint and not only crossed the center line by a little bit, they were on the opposite shoulder of the roadway. The official on the motor was all over it, causing the race to slow roll the last 1/2 mile before 200m. Ridiculous. No one was DQ'd out of it and my position suffered dearly. Ended up 26th for the day of about 50+ riders. Not too bad, but could have easily had a top ten if there was room to move up in the field, but the roads did not allow it. Will be looking for a better day tomorrow at the crit which is a few blocks from the hotel. I'll be taking a nap here shortly, hitting the hot tub and then eatin' some grub... yummy.
Here's to tomorrow!

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