Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Fling Cat 4 Crit #1 (40min +2) 65 person field

Okay position at the start, but got stalled as a rider in front of me didn't get clipped in on the first try. Field swarmed and relegated to the near rear of the field. Found the spots to move up in turn 3 and 4, but then would get pinched in turn 1. Tried some different lines but the field was too big to get the best lines and move up at the same time. On the bell lap I was 15 wheels back and the rider in front of me sat up and exploded. I was instantly swarmed. I yelled at him to move up as a big gap was being formed and I was unable to move myself as I was now boxed in. Finally was able to get around him after turn 2, but lost too much ground. Rolled in for 41st.
Disappointing weekend. I was looking for a lot better results, but that’s racing. There were a lot of team tactics (imagine that in a Cat 4 Race!) as the big Chicago area teams showed up. WDT, XXX, Chicago Cutting Crew, Illinois Tech, Tati, etc., and they were working the field over.
Can't sulk over it. Saturday is the TT, which I have not had the opportunity to do yet - so I'm not expecting much there, but Sunday is the day. The day I will do well in the last crit of the season. GC hopes are gone, but the crit is in my sights now.

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