Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It has begun

Starting my weight training program yesterday. I've never really done anything with weights before. Even in high school when I played soccer; I think we went to the weight room once and that was it for the three years I played. I've talked with quite a few people and was humbled to find a lot cyclists weight training in the off season and year round. Hopefully this does yield gains for next year. I am a little sore today, even though the lifting yesterday was very light to stimulate the nerve endings to get my body used to the upcoming loads in the next months. Probably just because I'm not used to making doing the static movements of the particular exercise.
On a sidenote, the weather has been interesting the last couple days. It's November so you would think cold and that it gets dark out way too early. Well we have one of those things, the darkness that limits riding time, but yesterday it was just shy of 70 degrees and today is supposed to be similar. Luckily I have most of the day off and will get to play outside in the yard herding the stray leaves. Yippee!

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