Friday, June 13, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I'm so sick of all this frickin' rain. It has rained for the past week with essentially no let up. Here I sit in the car for the past 9 hours at work with no more than an hour that it didn't rain. On top of that no one has signed up for the overtime slots on June 21 for the Giro d' Grafton Race, which means I will be forced to work on my day off. Mother %!*^&#! I've been planning this for the past year, took some additional time off the day before and after the race so I would have a nice four day weekend, just to get screwed and possibly not even be able to race THE race of the year for me. I'm starting to get sick of getting f'ed with all this overtime. I like to money, but damn somebody else needs to step up to the plate once in a while.


Needs some off time for his sanity.

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