Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh How I love Intervals

Tuesday is interval day. I look forward to these for some odd reason. Do I like the pain? Yea, because I know in the end it is making me stronger. I felt I could have done a few more yesterday, but six was good. Joe calls yesterday's workout Crit Intervals, which are essentially bridging / two minute power. Had a nice warmup, relatively no wind. Went over to moderately flat Pleasant Valley Road - one very short hill and a false flat. Did six 2 min 15s intervals with 10 min rest between each one. They weren't too hard or too easy. Which seems to me that I'm not doing something right or not in the right zone as everyone talks about being ready to keel over or throw up after doing intervals. The sprint intervals make me want to keel over at the end, but not these.

Anyways, tonight is crit practice for the big Grafton race at the indutrial park in Germantown. I think I'm going to attend, but don't want to over due it before Saturday.

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