Saturday, June 7, 2008


Did the WCBC ride today. Good time on some new roads for me. I've never ventured out west of Big / Little Cedar Lakes so I was able to take in some new scenery. Some nice climbs with about 2200 feet total climbing today according to the Polar. I really like the nice long grind up Aurora Road (at least that's where I think it was?).

After the club ride, I rolled back home and picked up Sarah for a ten mile spin. She said her fit is much better now, but still developed some hot spots from her cleats. Probably have to go see Karrie again to check everything over.

Rode for a total of 65 miles today. It felt really good to go out for a long ride and have nothing else to do after (well immediately after - gotta work at 10PM). I got some pretty wicked tan lines going on. Didn't use enough sun screen on my face and I've got helmet straps etched in by my ears. Looks pretty gnarly.

With all the nice weather upon us, Sarah and I are really looking forward to Superweek and having Kate and Evan back out (with their friends / teammates of course!). We had a really good time last year and Sarah and I both have got some time off around then. Kate and Evan - you'll be happy to know there's a new mattress waiting for ya and a bigger fridge!

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