Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday Recovery Ride

4/20/08 - Team Extreme Headquarters... Thriving Thiensville Wisconsin...
Went out for a nice recovery ride today with the mountain bike guys on the team. First ride that I did with them. I thought there would have been more roadies there as most of the road team had raced this past Saturday at Menomonee Park. It was a nice spin up to Cedar Creek and back. Nice moderate tempo. I was able to keep a nice HR Avg of 143. On the way back we did a few Stop Ahead Sprints. I saw Karrie go, but I didn't pick up on her wheel until too late and didn't get a good lead out. That was right before 60 on Horns Corners Road. I will have to work on my sprint in that section as it's perfectly flat and picturesque for a sprint (also close to the house!). I had another good sprint on a slight downhill section again on Horns Corner Road. Almost spun out of my 11 at 130rpm for top speed of 41.1 - thanks to the downhill. I have yet to really do an all out effort on a flat stretch. So probably this week. All in all it was a great little recovery ride to get the cob webs out from Saturday. Now it's time to hook up with Jim G. to develop a training plan!

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