Friday, December 5, 2008


I've been slacking in a couple areas lately. Number one, updating this blog. Several members of my team have been having a nice friendly competition using . It provides motivation for training through the winter season (we have about 10 inches of snow, it's 15 degrees outside and I have no XC skiis!) and some team building. But it does hinder my want to log training on this site. I log it on mapmyride and WKO+. Each entry has to be entered seperately, well with a little copy and paste, but still - two is enough already. I'll continue to update this page though and appreciate motivating, ass kicking threats, etc., to help me keep my winter training up to snuff!
This week I've also been slacking in training. While maintaing all my weight lifting goals for the week, I have not been able to ride much on the trainer. Working a messed up schedule this week, third shift, second shift, third shift - little to no sleep between with less than 8 hours between shifts. Ugh. Takes a toll on the body. Even got jipped yesterday, got done at 6AM, slept for 3 hours, got up, went to court for a while 20 minutes, stopped at the office to drop off paperwork and then back home. Couldn't go back to sleep though!!! Had to stay awake for two hours to ensure I didn't pass out before vacation picks at Grafton. With that said all my vacation and holidays are accounted for next year. Strung together a bunch of days again for Superweek and got screwed on my A race for the year. Have to let it play out and see if I get a discretionary day approved now.
Another race series came to light today though. The organizers of the Grafton / Sheboygan races have put together an 11 day series. Oh yea baby, my race calendar is ever expanding!! 28 races so far and now if I can string together some more comp days, it'll easily be above 30 races next year. Go big or..... Just go BIG.
Cheers to the 3's by Fall!

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